Monday, September 24, 2007

What's up with all this rampant Ravelry?

Sheesh, you leave the blog world for, oh, a little year or so, and all kinds of crazy cool shit pops up! Like Ravelry. Wow, how cool is that? I feel so out of touch. Like I was living in a cave and the eight-track went extinct, and I emerged to ask just what the heck are these new-fangled fancy cassette tape thingies?? So, sign me up, baby! Oh, there's a wait you say? Well, that shouldn't take too long, right?

"You signed up on Today
You are #35631 on the list.
18273 people are ahead of you in line.
17 people are behind you in line.
48% of the list has been invited so far"

Ahem. Yeah. Right. I suppose now I'll also discover that if indeed I start blogging semi-regularly again, it will take me a couple years to get back into the kntiblog ring. Oh well. Maybe the knitblog ring won't matter any more with all this mad ravelry going on...

(The reason I had the time to stumble around the internets long enough to figure all this out is that this is my fifth sick day, and my third day off work. Takes an ugly cold to make me slow down, I guess. Gosh, maybe I'll go nuts and photograph a few of my recent knitting escapades. They are mostly of the completely dull scarf variety, but that's okay.)