Saturday, April 30, 2005


I am finally home. Yippee!

I had to get up at 4:00 AM (which is 2:00 AM MST, to which I am now attempting to adjust again) in order to catch the first of my two flights. I had a whopping 30 minute flight from Dayton to Cincinnati, followed by about an hour and a half of hanging out in the airport, followed by an approximately 4 hour flight from Cincinnati to Salt Lake City. The flights were fine - just a wee bit turbulent at times - but I was both nervous and overcaffeinated, which resulted in this:

Wait a minute, so you're telling me you think nervous and overcaffeinated might somehow be related? Hm, we could be onto something here. Anyway, that's the obligatory lap shot on the plane, and it's also what an entire skein of Naturwolle looks like when knitted up into a scarf. No pattern there, just cast on 28 stitches, knit 4 rows garter stitch, and knit in a double moss stitch pattern with a 2-stitch-wide garter stitch border on either side. The stitch pattern doesn't show very well, but it does lend some texture that the garter stitch alone didn't have. I started out with just 20 stitches, but I like a wide scarf, so I started again. The yarn is incredibly beautiful - it's single ply, and in places it's practically roving still, which did make for occasional difficulties with splitting.

Anyway, I "wailed away" on it for a few hours as Bonne-Marie would say, and knit my way through the entire first skein before the plane ride was over. Talk about instant gratification after working on so many socks!

This is one of the things that greeted me at home:

Paul was conducting his own experiment in eating himself out of house and home. The answer to the question, "how long can one person go without going to the grocery store?" Well, at least ten days.