Friday, September 16, 2005


Yes, I have been conspicuously (or maybe not-so-conspicuously?) absent from blogland for a little while now, I know. Life intervened in a very big way - maybe a bit too big to really discuss here on this knitting blog. Or maybe I will later when all the dust settles.

But there has been knitting, squeezed in here and there. Rogue and my cowl are still in the state of being nearly done that they've been in for a while now. Oops. The afghan is totally stalled, but I think it will be revived again soon now that the weather is cooling off and my thoughts are turning to snuggly afghans. The pillowcase lace is nearly finished, the knitting at least. The dreaded finishing will perhaps be a bit delayed due to that life intervening business, but hey, at least with so many projects on the brink of completion, I can have a finishing frenzy and it will look like a lot all at once. Or something like that. Snakey sock #1 is totally done, and I've knit a good four inches or so of snakey sock #2. And, finally, I started yet another project, actually way back in August, and I think I just haven't mentioned it yet. I started a Flower Basket Shawl in a springy/eastery color of KPPPM -- I'm thinking of it as the Easter Basket Shawl. Wait, maybe I already mentioned it after all? Beats me, I'm losing my mind lately. (Or is that always?) Pictures of loads of stuff will follow one of these days, but I wanted to put together a little gasp of a post to let you know I'm still alive, in the event that you were wondering. :)