Saturday, November 12, 2005

"Andrea needs"

Okay, I had no intention of participating in this "X needs" meme, the one where you google "[your name here] needs" and share the results. Though I did the google search, of course. But then some of them were so funny that I couldn't help it:

"Andrea needs all her wits and all the help she can get from the company's attractive operations manager to find and stop the perpetrators."

"Andrea needs to get an agent"

"Andrea needs 3 days off and 3 bottles of French champage, don't you think?"

"Andrea needs to pull the giant stick out of her ass and absorb some real Christian ideas such as humility and outreach"

"Andrea needs to hook a brother up with some of her law school friends"

"the last thing Andrea needs is another person treating him oddly because of his lifestyle choice"

"Andrea needs to take her game to a new level"

"Andrea needs $$$"

"Andrea needs a top four placement to earn a trip to the 2000 US Nationals"

"Andrea needs to go into detox"

"Andrea needs to be promoted to Commodore"

"Andrea needs to subtract 203 from 299"

"andrea needs some help finding stalker songs"

"Andrea needs to use foundation on ruddy areas to even out her skin tone"

"Andrea needs some optimal sledding advice"

"Andrea needs treatment, not a death sentence"

"Andrea needs little introduction to US scandophiles"

"Andrea needs the ice algae alive"

"Andrea needs to make a buck as the big Hollywood producer"

"Andrea needs a cute boytoy"

"Andrea needs to keep the dead piece of tree that fell down with her"

"Andrea needs to step up and guerilla blog all of our 'brilliant' ideas that frothed over with bagels, quiche & beer in Brooklyn"

"Andrea needs some extra training in how to properly kiss her boss's feet"

"Andrea needs to develop some personality"

"Andrea needs to lighten up on both the tanning lotion and the make-up"

"Andrea needs to get a grip"

Sheesh. Everybody's a critic. Are weird google searches the new solitaire? This is hours of mindless entertainment. There are a lot of Andreas out there. They have a myriad of needs, it seems.

Of course, this Andrea needs to get off her couch and clean her house.