Friday, October 14, 2005


I used to date this guy several years ago, and it seemed like, more often than not, when we were on cell phone calls, he'd be silent on the other end for unusually long stretches (in my opinion), perhaps thinking of something to say, or, more likely, doing something else while I was talking to him, so I would end up thinking that the call had been dropped. (Gee, what was the first clue that we weren't perfect for one another?) After enough times of my asking, "Are you still there?," he somehow came up with the bizarre idea to occasionally give a little "meep" periodically in such scenarios. Of course, it was a joke (well, mostly), and of course it was a ridiculous suggestion.

But, all the same, I thought I'd just drop in and say...


My Jane Austen vacation was wonderful, though knitting time was minimal. I was so exhausted before I left that I almost decided to leave all knitting home, but I did take a sock and got a few rows in on it here and there.

I'm still trying to move and unpack, I'm also moving and trying to unpack at a new job where there is much to learn, and on top of that, my grandmother went into the hospital for the second time in two months this week. She's doing a little better, but it's all very stressful for everyone. I hope, however, that life will soon stabilize enough that I can return to the pleasure of knitblogging.