Saturday, December 31, 2005

2005 - A Whole Lotta Life, A Little Bit of Knitting

I'm starting to see these 2005 knitting re-caps popping up on blogs, and so I sat down to do a little re-cap of my own. And honestly...I wasn't impressed.

Completed in 2005:

*Making Waves Socks

*Stashbuster Spirals Socks

*Primary Children's Hospital Afghan #2 (squares made by my knitting group, project started like three years ago...)

*Black Forest Naturwolle Scarf

*Snakey Socks

And that's it. Not very much. To make myself feel a little better about my output, I surveyed projects that are all literally on the brink of completion. They are:


*Fuzzy Pull-Off Lace Cowl

*Lovers Braid Pattern Lace-Edged Pillowcase

*Flower Basket Shawl

This is sad, really. Evidently I developed an aversion to finishing in 2005. Rogue needs only blocking, sewing on two sleeves, and sewing up the hems to the sleeves and bottom. The lace cowl needs only blocking and weaving in two yarn tails. The pillowcase lace may need up to one measly lace repeat, then all the tedious cutting and hemming and ironing of the pillowcase and the binding off and sewing the lace onto the pillowcase. And the FBS needs blocking and two ends woven in as well. Obviously, I need a finishing attitude adjustment.

My excuse for all this? Well, 2005 really did bring me a whole lotta life. I moved twice. I started two new positions at work, the last one a promotion. I traveled more than usual for my job, as faithful blog readers may remember. I sold a home. I lived in and occasionally helped out with a house being remodeled. I got engaged. I started to plan a wedding. I ended said engagement, and planned wedding turned into big family reunion. I completely blew out my knee, underwent major recontructive knee surgery, and spent many many hours in physical therapy for knee rehabilitation (which is still not totally complete). I also had a couple family members in poor health, including my grandma in the hospital a couple times, though she is doing much better now. And while knitting came along with me through many of these events, sometimes in a most comforting way, it also often got the shaft when, at times, my brain just couldn't contain it all.

My goal for 2006? Well, perhaps besides having quite so many major life changes all in one year? I was going to quote Elvis and say, "A little less conversation, a little more action," at least when it comes to my knitting. But that's not quite right, really. I don't want to stop talking and blogging about knitting, I just want to have a little bit more to show for myself when the next year of my life winds down. Because there's all that beautiful stash to be knit (in Kim's Stashalong!), and I can hear it calling my name.

And, yes, this is my second post in one day. What can have come over me?