Saturday, November 26, 2005

Please try to contain your excitement.

But, I bring you real, actual knitting content. And, more specifically:

Knitters in the Wild

Back in October, the Needlepoint Joint knitting regulars went on a lovely overnight retreat to a beautiful condo in Park City, Utah. There was knitting and laughter and fun and good food and margaritas and wine and soaking in a private hot tub and general good times. We were sad that our Kim couldn't be there with us, but we called her up and everyone got a chance to talk to her, so it was almost like having her there!

A few of our other knitters couldn't make it that day either, including Brooke, whose poor kitty had died earlier that day. We really missed her, and everyone was so sad to hear about her loss. :(

Hopefully for our next retreat, we can have everyone there, all happy and well and knitting their little hearts out. For a complete set of the pictures I took at the retreat, click here, and then select the slideshow to click through large versions of the pics.

Also, in a totally out-of-character move for me lately, I actually finished a project:


The Snakey Socks, they are fini. I even wore them around town the next day, in all their ugly glory. They are very warm, and are the most comfortable, best-fitting socks I've made to date.

(Trying out a new photo host to me, and I think there are attendant growing pains. But my old one wasn't working this morning for some reason...)