Friday, February 29, 2008

Maybe I'll post for a change

So, I've actually been knitting quite a lot lately. Someone, or rather, come to think of it, a few someones in my knitting group have commented lately at how they are glad to see that I am a knitter again. What can I say? Knit happens.

No pictures this morning, as I am posting surreptitiously from work and don't have a cord for my camera here.

Let's see, I finished up Charlie's Christmas socks finally.

I finished the black and pink 80s scarf.

I wove in the ends on my black cashmere feather and fan scarf, but now I want to tack them down with some fabric-tak glue stuff (the yarn is so slippery, they'd never stay in!) and block it.

I'm going to rip out the Manos del Uruguay scarf and re-do it or re-purpose the yarn, alternating balls every row.

I ripped out the 75%-completed-but-too-small, green feather and fan sock I was making out of Apple Laine Apple Butter in the Army Surplus colorway and re-knit the whole sock. I've started on the second sock already. I had to go up not one but two needle sizes to size 3s to get gauge. Sheesh.

I've been updating ravelry like crazy, but mainly with getting stuff into there from years prior to 2005! I have a ways to go to catch up to the present. I have some photos from before I had a digital camera, because I was always a documentarian when it came to my knitting (along with many other areas of my life), but I need to get them out of storage and scan them in. I've also only barely touched the tip of the iceberg for getting photos of stash in there. I just need some good daylight and some free time.

Incidentally, I'm infiknits on Ravelry. Somebody took "knitterpatter" before I got an invite. Can you believe it? I had always wanted to use infiknits for my blog, but that was back when I was thinking of starting some sort of yarn-related business or do some designing or whatever, and there is actually already a company called Infiknit located in Canada so that was out. Plus then I never did any sort of fiber-y business (yet!)

Well, on that note, maybe I should get back to the business I'm currently in (acquisition management...) I leave you with this link: Thousand Dollar Dress. Possibly the coolest thing anyone ever did with their wedding dress after using it for their actual wedding. It's like those "trash the dress" photo shoots photographers like to do x 1,000. A warning: there are two photos on there that are possibly not safe for work inside the gallery. I mean, they're not terrible, I looked at them anyway, but then again, I have a bad attitude lately...