Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Yet another new Knit Cast!

There is yet another new edition of KnitCast available, so go check it out! I haven't listened to this one yet, but lucky me, it is ready right in time for (you guessed it) -- another business trip! (I acknowledge that there is a lot of punctuation going on in that last sentence. Sometimes a girl needs a lot of punctuation. See Emily Dickinson poem on sidebar for illustration of this point. Not that my prior sentence has anything to do with Emily Dickinson, nor is it of Dickinsonian quality.)

But who am I fooling, really? All the rambling in the world won't cover up the fact that there is NO knitting to show you in this post. I have not accomplished a lick of knitting since my flight home last Friday. Oh, sure, I at least partially managed to unpack from last week's trip, I finished moving my worldly possessions, I cleaned and sold my house, I worked three full days, I went to the physical therapist and the doctor and the dentist, and I managed to cook as many as four nutritional dinners in there, but did I knit? No. Sadly, I did not.

For those who didn't see Paul's reply to my last post, he wants everyone to know that he did not eat any fast food at all to make it through those ten days, so you may now be duly impressed.