Monday, January 02, 2006

Fan Club of One

That Makes One of You

A while ago, I received this iCard from someone I've never met before. I host my knitting gallery on my homepage, and if you visit there and go through a slideshow, there is an option to send me an e-mail message that will make one of my own photos into an e-card to me, like the one you see above.

I think I'll save a lot of commentary here, except to say that I would probably have picked this as one of the worst pictures of my feet in socks, but perhaps my judgment is clouded by the rememberance of taking that picture, so I know that I was wearing ratty old pajama bottoms because I was home from work, feeling very sick indeed.

Also, this raised my curiosity, since I love knitting socks, so I flipped through the gallery and blog and, well, there are a LOT of pictures of my socked feet (maybe 15?) Which would seem to open up a new and unexpected readership demographic. So, uh, hello socked feet fetishists. Thanks for stopping by, but I'd prefer it if you remain respectful lurkers. (And to everyone who got here via a google search for "Hooter's Girls" or "Extreme Hooters" or "Hooter's girls in nylons" or whatever else floats your boat, I direct you to the August 2005 archive, but you will be sadly disappointed, as it's just me knitting amidst a couple of not-very-well-endowed Hooter's girls...)

So, knitters, ask yourselves this: how many pictures of your socked feet are in your blogs and online photo albums?