Friday, July 15, 2005

The Sound of Silence

As is evident, I've been fairly quiet lately. A lot of fellow knitbloggers posted some very profound and sympathetic and moving things after the bombings in London last week, which I thought was a wonderful testament to the generally kind and supportive nature I usually find amongst knitters. Me, I wasn't ignoring it, I just didn't really know what to say. The world makes me sad and just plain tired sometimes. The outpouring of sympathy about the bombings in England does give me hope for the human race. But then again, a part of me must wonder, why aren't we this upset every single day, every time we hear about another group of innocent people killed by a bomb in Iraq? Is it because we somehow think it's not as bad to bomb "your own people" (however large the fallacies behind that notion)? Or is it because Iraq is considered a war zone, and we just expect that sort of thing there? Maybe it's because we think we can't draw the lines as clearly between good and evil in Iraq? Or is it just that familiarity and frequency breed numbness? I just don't know. Frankly, it all just makes me sad. And like I said, I am not sure what I really have to contribute to the dialogue, though I will add that hopefully no one thinks that I'm trying to diminish the horror of the bombings in London with what I've written here. It was a truly terrible thing, and my sympathy goes out to anyone affected.

But, certainly, as many others have noted, there is inherent value in continuing on with everyday things, however mundane they may seem in the face of human suffering and tragedy. And, so, on that note, I'm returning to what I came here for: the knitting.


I may have been unusually taciturn lately, but that doesn't mean there was no knitting. There has been knitting indeed. In fact, while I've been so quiet about my knitting, I've been on a sort of a finishing bender. It must have been finishing that afghan that tipped it off. I got a bit of a taste of how good it feels to finish an old, lingering project, and I wanted more. And so, somewhere in the middle of Idaho, I finished the Stashbuster Spiral "Son of Charlotte" socks. Then, in West Yellowstone, Montana I finished the Black Forest Naturwolle double moss stitch scarf. Now I'm getting dangerously close to finishing up Rogue - it just needs to be blocked, have the sleeves attached, and have the hems sewn up. There wasn't even all that much major swearing when I grafted the stitches of the hood together. Perhaps finishing Rogue will inspire me to block the cowl and crochet on the edging. And then what?? My WIP list will be so short, I won't know what to do with myself. Just the afghan and the small lace project I alluded to a while ago. Neither of which I really consider a "primary" project. Here I am, caught without a plan. Stay tuned.

Oh, as far as blog points of interest go, I guess I should point out that I added a button for the Rogue Knitalong in the sidebar. Yes, I joined the Rogue KAL back in the day, when it was actually an active knitalong. I'll confess that, now that Rogue is nearly done. I joined the Summer of Lace knitalong a while ago as well, and since I'm actually currently knitting lace, however coincidental, I figured I might as well fess up. Also, the Stashbusters KAL has morphed into a looser Stashbuster club, and so I decided to join them, since I don't think I have the fortitude to do any major KALs right now, but I have been doing a lot of stashbusting in my knitting lately. Obviously, the Stashbuster Spirals socks fit the bill. But in addition to that, the yarn for Rogue had been stashed for a while before I started that project. The Kidsilk Haze for the cowl marinated in the stash for some time, as well. The afghan yarn is my oldest stash yarn (call it "first in, first out inventory" if you like.) And the lace project yarn came out of the stash as well. So, clearly, this is the club for me.

I don't have my camera handy, or I would post some pictures. So you'll just have to trust me that they're on the way and tune back in soon to see all this stuff. And I'll even reveal this lace project, for which the excessive build-up of two cryptic references will no doubt leave you feeling that the unveiling is anticlimactic. (Lace! Unveiling? Bwah hahaha. Dorky knitter puns no extra charge.)