Monday, June 27, 2005

The End of an Era

The charity afghan, she is done:

Afghan Number 2 Finally Complete

I sent it through the washer and the dryer yesterday, and it held up admirably. No blocking for this mostly acrylic blankie. And that was my stipulation, too, for the squares -- they had to be machine washable and dryable. I mean, the last thing that the family of a sick child needs is a blanket that must be hand washed and blocked. Because it just won't happen. The blanket came out of the dryer feeling very soft and wonderful, and so I am finally looking forward to donating it, along with it's friend:

Image hosted by
Afghan Number 1

And, no, you don't need to point out that an afghan shouldn't really take an era. I'm just tickled to be able to take something off the WIP list.

Which is good, because I felt a strong impulse to cast on for a tiny lace project last night, and so I went with it. Oh, and when I finally lined my cedar chest with some wax paper as a temporary fix to protect my yarn from cedar oil discoloration yesterday, I discovered a swatch that I started for yet ANOTHER project. Does swatching count as a WIP? It doesn't seem like it should...

So, in summary, stay tuned for tales of my recent knitting escapades with my two knitting groups, my Rogue progress, imperceptible afghan and scarf progress, a new project, and a rediscovered project. Oh and a wee bit of stash enhancement. Something tells me I need to start posting a little more often here...