Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

I realized belatedly after my triumphant finished afghan post that I didn't adequately give credit to everyone that helped out with the two charity afghans. I think I mentioned a while ago that the afghans were a group project that my Stitch n Bitch group started *coughthreeyearsagocough*, but if you were only to read the most recent post, it sounds like I'm taking all the credit for the afghans, which I certainly do not mean to do! And so, I want to thank the following people for the squares that they contributed, in no particular order (well, actually just looking at the squares from the top to the bottom and counting them up):

Mindy: 16 squares! (Mindy crocheted so many of the squares in the second afghan that I finished that I kept thinking of it as the Mindy-ghan)
Kristi: 1 square
Rhonda: 4 squares
Erika: 5 squares
Bonnie: 1 square
Piper: 1 square
Sharla: 1 square
My co-worker Connie, her aging (and perhaps colorblind? *maysheneverdiscoverthisblog*) mother-in-law, and her sister-in-law: 16 squares, all in that crazy-ghan
Krystie: 5 squares

A second co-worker crocheted the border on the second afghan for me.

And me? I made five of the squares in the more sedate afghan, sewed 'em all together, taught myself to crochet enough to fill in all the gaps on the crazy-ghan (the co-worker and family took the 10"x10" square criteria I set up very...loosely, shall we say), crocheted the border on the wacky-ghan, and wove in a million bazillion yarn tails.

Incidentally, as I predicted, I did require a lot of wine to finally finish weaving in tails over the weekend. The large pitcher of sangria that I made (I hosted my Stitch n Bitch girls at my "new" pad for the first time!) did the trick quite nicely. Well, that and the splendid company!

Very soon, these blankets will be making their way to Salt Lake City to Primary Children's Medical Center to keep some sick kids company, and I couldn't be more pleased at the thought. I must confess that more than once when I was dragging my feet in finishing these blankets up, I probably put the "bitch" back in Stitch n Bitch, but I know many good vibes and thoughts went into the making of these afghans, and perhaps even a few of my "persistance over time and stubborn determination to finish these blankets even when it seems like I never will" vibes will be helpful to a kid facing more adversity than I have to endure. I hope?

At any rate, once again, a round of applause to the wonderful SnB peeps. You broads rock!