Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Sometimes life just interferes

It has been one of those weeks.

That is to say, the sort of week where everything in life conspires to prevent me from doing much knitting. Last weekend knitting took a back seat to recovering from illness and cleaning and family obligations and some escapist reading. And, since weekend seems to be my prime knitting time lately, that means that here it is, Wednesday, and I don't have much to say for myself. I did work a few rows on my Greek Key Afghan, but sadly, I must say that I don't even think it's worth a photograph, as I haven't even completed a full pattern repeat. I'm debating ripping it out, but I think I'll keep going for a while before I make that decision. I tend to be a tight knitter, so I went up a needle size automatically, and of course I didn't swatch because, um, afghan? Who does that have to fit? But I'm starting to suspect that the pattern may have been written by a tight knitter for a change, and I'm already having worries about running out of yarn before it reaches a respectable size. So we'll see.

Life just kept right on interfering so far this week. I've been going through a challenging time at work, and I finally made the decision to request a move. This is, of course, something that has required more than one discussion with more than one manager, and it gets exhausting. It's not over yet. I'm spending a few days "thinking about it some more." I still want to move, I just have to hold firm and go through some more hoops. But it's mentally taxing, and I haven't felt much like knitting. Which may be a good thing, since I was having irrational desires to abandon all WIPs and cast on for some new socks over the weekend... :)

Anyway, knitting will ensue soon, I just know it. For one thing, I have my weekly knitting night tomorrow at my LYS, and I'm hosting my Stitch n Bitch group on Saturday.

Anyway, since I am so generally dull, let me direct you to my non-knitting link of the week. My future brother-in-law is biking across the USA with two of his wild and crazy friends. They set out on Sunday, and appear to be having a great time so far. Check out their journal on the site for some spectacular Washington state scenery.